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We suggest that you ask your child what they are learning in maths at school, and select a task from this menu.


Percentage game (PDF, 476KB)Practise common fraction to percentage conversions.
Petfood puzzle (PDF, 933KB)Calculate using rates and percentages.
Planet distances (PDF, 800KB)Express and interpret numbers in scientific notation.
Prime sites (PDF, 511KB)Find the number of factors of prime and composite numbers.


Parachute patterns (PDF, 568KB) Use graphs and equations to predict further members of a linear pattern.
Pātiki pattern (PDF, 820KB)Predict further members of a quadratic pattern.
Savings plan (PDF, 520KB) Manipulate linear equations to solve problems.


Coverup (PDF, 927KB) Create tiling patterns to cover a flat surface.
Prince tribute (PDF, 1.5MB) Interpret a scale map to solve a real-world problem. 
Staircases (PDF, 638KB) Apply trigonometry in practical situations.


Cubic towers (PDF, 560KB) Solve problems involving calculating area and volume.
Netball Zones (PDF, 424KB)Solve problems involving areas in square metres.


Dice odds (PDF, 589KB) Compare experimental and theoretical probabilities.
Gaseous problem (PDF, 495MB) Make statements about data displays.