The Ministry is migrating nzmaths content to Tāhurangi.           
Relevant and up-to-date teaching resources are being moved to Tāhūrangi ( 
When all identified resources have been successfully moved, this website will close. We expect this to be in June 2024. 
e-ako maths, e-ako Pāngarau, and e-ako PLD 360 will continue to be available. 

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We suggest that you ask your child what they are learning in maths at school, and select a task from this menu.


Cheeseboard (PDF, 719KB)Multiply and add decimals to solve budgeting problem.
Cover Up kiwi (integers) (PDF, 602KB)Practise adding integers.
Create 2.8 (PDF, 305KB)Practise adding decimal numbers.
Decimal lineup (PDF, 515KB)Work with fractions and decimals on a number line.


Three consecutive numbers (PDF, 658KB) Recognise a number pattern and write a general rule.
Pen patterns (PDF, 773KB) Recognise a pattern and predict other members.


Know when to fold 'em (PDF, 840KB) Predict the results of reflection.


All out (PDF, 601KB) Apply measurement to solve a real-life problem.
Hot and cold (PDF, 708KB)Read and calculate with temperatures in degrees Celcius.


Billie's burger bargain (PDF, 842KB) Investigate a situation that involves chance.
High hopes (PDF, 721MB) Interpret data and undserstand averages.