Year 5: Measurement, particularly reading scales and angles

TIMSS tests are in pencil and paper or digital format. For practical reasons measurement items often require students to read off scales, such as rulers, or measurement jugs, rather than practically measuring. In addition to reading scales, New Zealand Year 5 students show weakness with understanding angles as a representation of turn.

These units of work will improve students’ understanding of measurement across a range of contexts:

Students will also benefit from working independently or collaboratively on the following student e-ako on the Measurement pathway (information about e-ako maths):

  • M3.2: Measuring lengths using metres and centimetres
  • M3.3: Using cups and litres to measure volume and capacity
  • M3.4: Reading a scale and recognising a kilogram
  • M3.6: Reading calendars, clocks and timelines
  • M3.9: Exploring tessellations and angles
  • M3.10: Estimating and measuring capacity, mass and temperature