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We are preparing to close this site by the end of August 2024. Maths content is still being migrated onto Tāhūrangi, and we will be progressively making enhancements to Tāhūrangi to improve the findability and presentation of content.

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Finding and organising resources

Allows you to find resources by level, strand and Achievement Objective.
Collect resources to form a teaching plan for your class, groups or individual students.

 Resource types

One week units of work have been written for all three strands of the curriculum. (read more)

Our units provide a sequence of lessons with related student activities. You may wish to extend or enrich the units with other resources.

A collection of cross-curricular units are available, with Achievement Objectives and content from other curriculum areas.

Organised by level and curriculum strand.  Each problem includes a copymaster in English and in Māori.
This collection of tasks with engaging contexts include annotated student work to illustrate a range of approaches. Level 2 activitiesLevel 3 activities, Level 4 activities, and Level 5 activities are available.
This collection of ‘springboard ideas’ support you in flexibly connecting mathematics across the strands.
Figure It Out is a series of mathematics curriculum support books designed to supplement existing classroom mathematics programmes.
The Connected series promotes scientific, technological, and mathematical literacy. This page provides links to the Connected articles that include a mathematics focus.
Choose by level and strand to find a selection of recommended picture books.  Teaching activities are provided for some of the books.