Statistical Literacy: Level 6

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The key idea of statistical literacy at level 6 is being a data savvy citizen.

At level six students are using the interpretation and evaluation skills developed through levels 3-5 and applying these in evaluating media type reports.  They are using the level 6 critical questions to evaluate the media report reflecting all aspects of the PPDAC cycle.

Media type reports includes things such as: advertisements, magazine articles, misleading graphs in the media, school newspaper articles, travel brochures.

This key idea develops from the key idea of statistical literacy at level 5 where students can find flaws in the investigations of others.

This key idea links to the key idea of statistical investigations at level 6 and the key idea of probability at level 6.

This key idea is extended in the key idea of statistical literacy at level 7 where students are learning to be critical consumers of data at a societal level.