Statistical Literacy: Level 3

The key idea of statistical literacy at level 3 is being a savvy consumer of data.

At level three is students are using their knowledge about different types of displays or different ways of representing data to decide if the one used is effective in presenting the main findings from a statistical investigation or a probability activity.  They are building on the key idea from statistical literacy level 2 where they are starting to reason from data.

Students are deciding if the “display” is suitable for the intended audience, can people clearly understand what the “display” is trying to say? Displays include things such as tables, graphs, tree diagrams, calculations, and probabilities.  They are exploring computer/web-based data visualisations including static and dynamic images.

This key idea develops from the key idea of statistical literacy at level 2 where students can make arguments relating to data.

This key idea links to the key idea of statistical investigations at level 3 and the key idea of probability at level 3.

This key idea is extended in the key idea of statistical literacy at level 4 where students are learning to think beyond the data presented.