Tens and Ones

Achievement Objectives
NA2-4: Know how many ones, tens, and hundreds are in whole numbers to at least 1000.
Specific Learning Outcomes

Recall the number of tens and hundreds in 100s and 1000s.

Description of Mathematics

Number Framework Stage 5

Required Resource Materials
Material suitable for bundling into tens. E.g. sticks with rubber bands, BeaNZ in canisters

Place it game (Material Master 4-32)


The students amass loose objects into groups of 10. For example, “At Jack’s bean shop, they put beans into containers of 10 to make counting easier.” or, “Mr Manuka sells sticks to the three little pigs in bundles of 10.” The students write the answers down as two-digit numbers.

Reverse the process: Write a small two-digit number, like 37, on the board or modelling book and get the students to collect that number of sticks or beans or cubes. “How many bundles/ containers/stacks of 10 can you make?”

Do some “teen” numbers. The problem with the “teen” numbers is that the 10 (teen) is said after the ones, unlike all other two-digit numbers, but this cannot be avoided. It needs constant repetition until the students know the teen numbers reliably.


The students choose two-digit numbers from the hundreds board, and model them with sticks/ beans/cubes. The students play Place It to consolidate grouping in tens and ones.


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