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Tennis Ball Addition


The purpose of the activity is to practice addition basic facts

Achievement Objectives:

Achievement Objective: NA2-3: Know the basic addition and subtraction facts.
AO elaboration and other teaching resources

Specific Learning Outcomes: 

recall the basic addition facts

Required Resource Materials: 
1 tennis ball/kosh ball between 3 students
  1. The students are in groups of 3 with one tennis ball/koosh ball
  2. The first student calls out a number and passes the tennis ball to another.
  3. The second student calls out another number and passes the ball to the third student.
  4. The third student adds the two numbers and calls out the sum.
  5. The third student starts the game again by calling out another number.
  6. Option – first team to complete 10 correctly sits down.
  7. Subtraction can be introduced.