Show Me the Number


The purpose of this activity is to develop students’ ability to show two-digit numbers using place value material.

Achievement Objectives
NA2-4: Know how many ones, tens, and hundreds are in whole numbers to at least 1000.
Specific Learning Outcomes

show two-digit numbers using place value material.

Required Resource Materials
Sticks and rubber bands

Counters and small canisters

Uni-link cubes


Provide students with one of the types of equipment listed, for example sticks and rubber bands.

  1. Write a two digit number on the board, for example, 28.
  2. Ask each student to count out 28 sticks.
  3. Ask:
    How many groups of ten do you think you can make?
    How many will you have left over?
  4. Have students count the sticks into groups of ten and bundle these together with rubber bands.
  5. Ask:
    How many groups of ten did you make?
    How many do you have left over?
  6. Link the numbers of tens and ones back to the written numeral. We have 2 tens (pointing to the 2 in the number 28) and three ones left over (pointing to the 8 in the number 28).
  7. Repeat with other 2 digit numbers and using a variety of equipment types.
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Level Two