Place Value Practice (Tenths)


These exercises and activities are for students to use independently of the teacher to practice number properties.

Achievement Objectives
NA3-4: Know how many tenths, tens, hundreds, and thousands are in whole numbers.
Specific Learning Outcomes

write a decimal in expanded form, and vice versa
shade in tenths 
identify digits in the tenths column
convert improper fractions involving tenths to both a mixed number and a decimal
add and subtract a tenth from a number
identify a number on a number line marked in tenths

Description of Mathematics

Number Sequence and Order, AA (Stage 6)

Required Resource Materials
Practice exercises with answers (PDF or Word)

Prior knowledge.

  • Write a whole number in expanded form
  • Explain the role of the decimal point as separator of the wholes and the parts of a whole
  • Explain what tenths are, and write them as both a fraction and a decimal (1/10 = 0.1)
  • Model an improper fraction and a mixed number with materials


It is important that students develop a good sense of understanding of decimal palce value.

Comments on the Exercises

Exercise 1
Asks students to write a number in expanded form using fractions.  For example, 34.5 = 30 + 4 + 5/10

Exercise 2
Asks students to write the expanded number as a one decimal place number.

Exercise 3
Asks students to colour in the decimal tenths on a diagram. For example, 0.7.

Exercise 4
Asks students to write mixed number fractions with a 10 as a denominator as a decimal.  For example, 23/10 = 2.3.

Exercise 5
Asks students to underline the digit in the tenths place.

Exercise 6
Asks students to circle around the digit in the tens place.

Exercise 7
Asks students to add one tenth to decimal numbers.

Exercise 8
Asks students to subtract one tenth from decimal numbers.

Exercise 9
Asks students to identify the digit in the tens place and in the tenths place.

Exercise 10
Asks students to identify what number an arrow is pointing to on a decimal number line.


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