Ordering Fitness Fun


This activity is to practise ordering numbers and saying the number before and after a given number in the range 1-20.

Achievement Objectives
NA1-2: Know the forward and backward counting sequences of whole numbers to 100.
Specific Learning Outcomes

order numbers in the range 1-10 and then 1-20

Required Resource Materials
Empty numberline 1-20

Five Ice cream containers

Five sets of Numeral cards 1-20

Outside space

  1. Organise students into 5 or 6 relay lines.  Each relay line has an ice cream container with the numeral cards 1-10 or 10-20 in them.  At the other end of the court place the empty number line.
  1. When the teacher says go. The first student in the line closes their eyes and picks a numeral card out of the container.  They run to the other end of the court and place the number in the correct place on the number line.  Then the run back and tag the next person in line.  This continues until all the numbers are placed on the number line. 
  1. When all the numbers have been removed from the container, the whole team runs in a line to the end of the court to check that the sequence is in the right order.  When they are satisfied it’s correct they sit around the number line in a circle.
  1. The session can be finished by students talking about how they knew that they had put the number in the correct place.
    ”How can the shading help to work out where number 6 would go, without having to count?”
    For example
    I knew that 5 went there because it’s at the end of the shaded box.


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