Number Cards


In this activity the students play a card game to practise their addition and subtractions facts.

Achievement Objectives
NA2-3: Know the basic addition and subtraction facts.
Specific Learning Outcomes

create and solve number problems using the basic operations of addition and subtraction.

Required Resource Materials
Sets of cards with numbers 1-10 (decks of cards with face cards removed could be used)

Sets of cards with signs for the basic operations (as appropriate to class)

  1. Explain that the students are going to use the cards to practice their basic facts.
  2. Shuffle the number cards and deal two cards.  Shuffle the operations cards and deal one.  Show these to the students.
  3. Ask students to suggest how the three cards could be used to make a number question, which they could answer.  For example if they drew 3, 5, and +, they could make 3+5, or 5+3, both of which they could answer.  If they drew the – they might not be able to solve the problem with the negative solution.
  4. number cards.

  5. Provide students with cards (one set for two or three students) and set the task.
  6. Students to record their questions and answers.  Ask:
    How many different questions can be made?
  7. As an extension students could draw 3 number cards and two operation cards (not all cards need to be used in each question).
    How many different questions can be made? 
  8. Encourage students to identify in which cases the answers to questions are the same.

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