My Decimal Number

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In this activity students brainstorm different ways to represent decimal fractions.  They will draw on their knowledge of decimal place value, addition and subtraction of decimals, and writing decimals in words and symbols.

Achievement Objectives
NA3-4: Know how many tenths, tens, hundreds, and thousands are in whole numbers.
Specific Learning Outcomes

represent decimal numbers in a variety of ways

Required Resource Materials
A3 paper
  1. Write a decimal number on the board (to two decimal places). 
  2. Brainstorm different ways to represent it.
    For example 3.81 could be expressed as;
  • Three point eight one
  • 3 + 0.8 + 0.01
  • (3 x 1) + (8 x 0.1) + (1 x 0.01)
  • 381 / 100
  • 4 – 0.19
  • Three and eighty one hundredths
  • 7.62 / 2
  1. Give each student a decimal number and ask them to represent in as many ways as they can.  Depending on the level of individual students they could be to one, two, or three decimal places.  Less confident students could work in pairs.
  2. Students could present their work on a sheet of A3 paper to be displayed on the wall.
  3. As the students work encourage them to use a variety of approaches (not just a whole list of addition sums).
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Level Three