Land Rush!


This is a level 3 activity from the Figure It Out series.
A PDF of the student activity is included.

Achievement Objectives
GM3-5: Use a co-ordinate system or the language of direction and distance to specify locations and describe paths.
Student Activity


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Description of Mathematics

The game reinforces the use of compass directions to describe movement about a grid. Although a compass is shown on the page, it is worth discussing with students before they start the game where they think north is. A common convention of maps is to make the top of the page north. Online maps seldom include an indication of north–south orientation because their designers assume that people will know that the top of the screen is north.

Required Resource Materials
a classmate

2 coloured pencils or crayons

a game board (see copymaster) or grid paper

FIO, Creative Technology, Levels 2+-3+, Land Rush!, pages 12 - 13


In this activity, students play a game of strategy using compass directions.
Some students will be familiar with the game Dots and Boxes. In Dots and Boxes, players can place a line anywhere on the grid; it doesn’t need to be connected to any other line. However, in Land Rush!, the path each rover takes must be continuous.
Students may like to add adaptations or rules of their own. For example, if a player makes a mistake when drawing in the compass directions they have chosen, there could be a consequence, such as missing a turn.
The game can be played with more than 2 players.
This game develops the key competency thinking.


If students number each vertical and horizontal line on the game board, they can use co-ordinates to describe the path of the rover.
The NRICH website has a related activity that demonstrates how grids can be used to create problem-solving opportunities. See

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Exploring the technology-related context

Control systems can be mechanical or electronic. The control that they exert can be manual or automatic. From something as simple as switching on a light to manipulating gears on a bicycle to operating a robotic camera in a satellite, control systems assist people in a great many ways.

Answers to game

A game to develop your understanding of direction and describing paths.

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