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This is a level 2 number link activity from the Figure It Out series. It relates to Stage 5 of the Number Framework.

A PDF of the student activity is included.

Achievement Objectives
NA2-1: Use simple additive strategies with whole numbers and fractions.
Student Activity

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Specific Learning Outcomes

use place value knowledge to add

add and subtraction hundreds and tens numbers to 1000

Required Resource Materials

FIO, Link, Number, Book One, Jungle Land, page 7


This activity continues the focus on the base 10 nature of our number system by encouraging students to extend their addition combinations to those that make 1 000. This is a useful extension to their earlier facts that add up to 10 and 100. These facts will enable them to use regrouping strategies when adding or subtracting three-digit numbers.
After the students have explored the impact on ticket points of various activities, question 4b asks them to select just one activity for each child to use up all the points they have left. The students’ answers, of course, will depend on whether they have correctly calculated the answers to the previous questions.
Question 5 could easily be discussed in pairs or groups. As an extension, you could challenge your students to plan a programme that uses two tickets. They could also explore the effect of a 20 percent increase in points on all activities to find out how many activities could be done with one ticket and whether the children could still use up the exact number of points on their tickets.

Answers to Activity

1. 600
2. 400
3. a. 300
b. 700
4. a. Stephanie: 300; Jamie: 100; Tristan: 400
b. Stephanie: waterfall, swimming hole, or Up the Creek; Jamie: minigolf; Tristan: 4WD Safari
5. Answers will vary.

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