Fractions and Grids


In this activity we use a grid to help students think of different names for the same fraction. As they become familiar with a hundredths grid, they will find it easier to make connections between fractions and decimals.

Achievement Objectives
NA3-4: Know how many tenths, tens, hundreds, and thousands are in whole numbers.
Specific Learning Outcomes

list several different names for fractions represented by shaded rows in a hundredths grid.

Required Resource Materials
Blackboard or whiteboard

Blank OHP transparency 10 x 10 grid, or blank 10 x 10 grid drawn on the black board with wet chalk (enabling shaded areas to be drawn in and erased with the grid remaining).

  1. Shade in several rows of the grid and ask students:

    What fraction of the whole square has been shaded? 
    For example, if 4 rows have been shaded answers may include 4 tenths and  40 hundredths

    Have students come up with as many names for the fraction as they can, asking them to explain their thinking.

  2. Extend the students’ thinking by asking them to double and half the fraction:speech bubble.

    What is half of 4 tenths? How did you know?

  3. Repeat the activity with a different number of rows shaded.

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