Probability: Level 2

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The key idea of probability at level 2 is beginning to recognise that some events are more likely than others in chance situations.

At level 2 students are recognising the different likelihood of outcomes for games of chance that they play.  They are describing outcomes from statistical investigations, for example, children in our class were more likely to have bananas in their lunch today than any other fruit (15/24 children had bananas in their lunch).

Students are developing more sophisticated nuances with probability language to describe outcomes, for example, more likely, less likely.

This key idea develops from the key idea of probability at level 1 where students were beginning to explore chance situations.

This key idea is extended in the key idea of probability at level 3 where students are quantifying one-stage chance situations by deriving probabilities and probability distributions from theoretical models and/or estimating probabilities and probability distributions from experiments.