Picture books with level 3 statistics content

Level 3 statistics

Uno’s garden, by Graeme Base

Publisher: Penguin Viking      ISBN: 0670041912
Activity based on this book.
Description Uno arrives in the forest and is surrounded by a diversity of animals and plants. As the human population grows in one pattern it affects the other populations in other patterns.
Mathematics Populations.

A very improbable story, by Edward Einhorn

Publisher: Charlesbridge      ISBN: 9781570918728
Description A humourous exploration of probability that happens when Ethan wakes up to find a cat on his head. Set up several investigations of odds and develops statistical vocabulary.
Mathematics Probability and chance.

Anno’s three little pigs, by Mitsumasa Anno and Tuyosi Mori

Publisher: Bodley Head Children's Books      ISBN: 03070308980
Description The wolf is trying to locate one of the three little pigs. He explores combinations and permutations in the process.
Mathematics Combinations and permutations.

Tell me if you like, by Gérard Gréverand

Publisher: Pavilion Children’s Books      ISBN: 184365010X
A book of imaginative questions that can be used as springboards for developing surveys using different formats such as multiple choice, or continuums, or yes/no.
Mathematics Statistics, survey.