Picture books with level 2 geometry content

Level 2 geometry

The greedy triangle, by Marilyn Burns

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks      ISBN: 9780545042208
DescriptionA story about a triangle that wants to change its number of sides.
MathematicsFeatures of shapes.

My Map Book, by Sara Fanelli

Publisher: Walker Books     ISBN: 9780060264550
DescriptionA look at mapping from a variety of perspectives including the neighbourhood, family map, and a bedroom.

Perfect Square, by Michael Hall

Publisher: Greenwillow      ISBN: 9780061915130
DescriptionA square reinvents itself over the week as it changes shape through a series of misadventures.
2D shape.

They all saw a cat, by Brendan Wenzel

Publisher: Chronicle Books      ISBN: 9781452150130
DescriptionThis book follows the adventures of one cat, and how perspective shapes what we see. 
In this case, how cats look very different depending on your point of view.  
Position and orientation, and spatial awareness.