Picture books with level 1 number content

Level 1 number

Friends you can count on, by Debbie TipunaBy a New Zealand author.

Publisher: Raupo Publishing (NZ) Ltd      ISBN: 1869485386
This book may no longer be available for purchase.
Activity based on this book.
DescriptionA counting book featuring New Zealand animals.
Numbers to 10.

Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons, by Eric Litwin

Publisher: Harper     ISBN: 9780062110589
Activity based on this book.
DescriptionPete the cat loses this buttons… or does he? Includes a very catchy song keeping track as the buttons pop off.
MathematicsSubtraction to 5.

Minnie's diner: A multiplying menu, by Dayle Ann Dodds

Publisher: Candlewick (2004)     ISBN: 9780763633134
Activity based on this book.
Through the repeated refrain of “Make it a double!” a family of brothers reveals the power of multiplication as they order from the menu at Minnie’s Diner.

Equal shmequal, by Virginia Kroll

Publisher: Charlesbridge     ISBN: 1570918929
DescriptionA mouse explores what it means to be equal using the concept of balance.
MathematicsMeanings of equals.

100 things, by Masayuki Sebe

Publisher: Gecko Press     ISBN: 9781877467820
Activity based on this book.
DescriptionA series of large double page spreads depicting sets of 100 in different arrangements including groups of 5, 10, 20, arrays and lines.
MathematicsGroupings within a 100.

Each Orange Had 8 Slices: A Counting Book, by Paul Giganti, Jr.

Publisher: William Morrow      ISBN: 068813985X
DescriptionA collection of maths puzzles which children can explore using counting, addition or multiplication.
Counting/Multiplicative thinking.

The very hungry caterpillar, by Eric Carle

Publisher: Puffin Books     ISBN: 0140569324
Tells the story of a caterpillar's week, as it eats its way through various food, forms a cocoon and then turns into a butterfly.
Counting sequence to five.
Days of the week.

Ten apples up on top!, by Dr Seuss

Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books      ISBN: 9780679892472
DescriptionA dog, a tiger, and a lion, compete to see how many apples they can balance on their heads.
Numbers to 10.

How many kisses good night, by Jean Monrad Thomas

Publisher: Random House     ISBN: 067988226X
This book may no longer be available for purchase.
In her bedtime routine the little girl asks “how many?”. Her questions will engage the reader.
MathematicsNumber quantity.

How many kisses do you want tonight?, by Varsha Bajaj

Publisher: Koala Books     ISBN: 9780316067355
The question “how many kisses do you want tonight?” is asked and answered by young animals and children.
MathematicsNumbers to 10.

One bear lost, by Karen Hayles and Jenny Jones

Publisher: Parragon Books     ISBN: 9781407591421
Ten bears leave the group one at a time, until one is left on his own.
MathematicsBackwards number sequence from 10.

Bears on wheels, by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Publisher: Random House     ISBN: 9780385391368
This book may no longer be available for purchase.
An adventure with bears stacking in different combinations as they ride bikes.
MathematicsCombinations of numbers to 10.

My Māori numbers, by Tracy DuncanBy a New Zealand author.

Publisher: Reed Publishing      ISBN: 9781869488390
This book may no longer be available for purchase.
DescriptionNZ creatures, plants and children are used as contexts for matching terms to 10 using both Te Reo and English.
MathematicsNumber identification.

Give me half!, by Stuart J. Murphy

Publisher: HarperCollins     ISBN: 9780064467018
DescriptionTwo children learn how to share one or two food items between them fairly.
MathematicsHalving, including fraction notation.

The most amazing hide-and-seek numbers book, by Robert Crowther

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd     ISBN: 9780763650292
DescriptionA flaps and flags book that reveals groups of creatures to 100.
MathematicsNumbers to 100.

Little Quack's Hide and Seek, by Lauren Thompson

Publisher: Pocket Books      ISBN: 9781416903253
DescriptionFive little ducks play hide and seek from their Mother. One at a time they hide linking in subtraction.

Next Please, by Ernst Jandl and Norman Junge

Publisher: Red Fox      ISBN: 0099439336
This book may no longer be available for purchase.
DescriptionThe line up of toys wait their turns to visit the doctor.
Ordering, subtraction to 5.

Nigel's Numberless World, by Lucy Coats

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley (2000)      ISBN: 0751372285
This book may no longer be available for purchase.
DescriptionWhat would happen if you wished all the numbers in the world away? Nigel does and spends his birthday finding out about the chaos he has created and how numbers help him make sense of his world after all.
Number sense.