Maths at our house: reading together

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Reading with our children is an important support for their literacy learning but it can also be a wonderful opportunity to support their mathematics learning at the same time. You can choose books to read aloud that have stories about counting and shape and time. You can listen for the chances to explore maths in the books your children read to you. A trip to the library is a chance to borrow books that will provide your children with engaging stories and activities. Ask the librarian to help you find some stories with a maths focus or some counting books that will be appropriate for the age of your children.

Any time we share a book with children we can draw their attention to the page numbers and the sequence.
We’ve read page 14. What comes next?
How many pages does this chapter have?
Are we half way through the story? How do you know?
If you read a quarter of this chapter book each night, how many pages will you read each night?



Counting Books
Books with Maths Focus



Books with Mazes,
Maps, and Puzzles
Books about Shapes,
Patterns, and Space





 Click for some suggested questions to ask in Māori. (PDF, 288KB)