Links to other sites

Content on the internet can change rapidly, with new sites created, and existing sites rebranded, reorganized, changed, or even closed without warning. Because of this, when searching for resources online it is best not to rely on a set list of links. However diligently these lists are maintained, there will inevitably be useful content not included, and over time, the content will likely become outdated.

This section of the nzmaths site provides a collection of links to sites that are particularly useful, as well as guidance for finding further material online. The links are grouped into four categories:

When looking for material on the internet the best approach is to use a ‘search engine’. The most popular search engine is Google, with Yahoo Search, Bing, and the most commonly used alternatives. In all of these search engines you can enter a word, phrase or collection of keywords, and you will be provided with a list of sites matching your search criteria.

There are many ways to maximise the effectiveness of your searches

  • Use specific terms (read more)

  • Add more terms to refine your search (read more)

  • Use quotation marks to search for specific phrases (read more)

  • Don’t use punctuation, capitalisation or common words (read more)

  • Customise your search (read more)