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A comprehensive and expanding collection of interactive learning modules to support your teaching and inquiry.
The modules are organised into eight collections:

  • Making number and algebra understandable for your students (27 modules).
  • Making geometry and measurement understandable for your students (12 modules).
  • Making statistics and probability understandable for your students (8 modules).
  • Developing capability - BTs, TAs & MSTs (6 modules).
  • Developing Mathematics Inquiry Communities in your school (18 modules).
  • Other useful teaching practices (19 modules).
  • Improving student outcomes through your teacher inquiry (4 modules).
  • Using talk moves to engage your students (11 modules).

There is also a collection of four teacher-led e-ako to support you in exploring ideas with your students.

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Step 1, log in to nzmaths. Step 2, click the PLD 360 link. Step 3, use the toggle to choose PLD 360. Step 4, select a collection. Step 5, choose a module.

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