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Body Garden: Illustrating the year 3 standard

The following examples of student work illustrate achievement at the mathematics standards for year 3.


In this task, groups of 3–4 students made a flower garden and measured parts of their body to  represent the flowers, stalks, leaves, and grass. The task relates to achievement objectives for  Geometry and Measurement from the mathematics and statistics learning area in The New Zealand Curriculum.

The Task

Body Garden

Provide string, scissors, coloured paper, and other suitable material for the task. Encourage students to talk about movement when they are arranging their shapes (e.g., rotating, translating, and  reflecting shapes). Ask them to record and compare the lengths and widths of petals, stalks, leaves, and so on.

Use string to measure a part of your body (e.g., elbow to wrist) to use as the length of the flower stalk.

On coloured paper, trace around other parts of your body (e.g., fingers) and cut out and paste these onto your picture as petals, leaves, and the flower’s centre.

Some features of students’ work used to make judgments in relation to the mathematics standards are described below. There is also an illustration of the year 2 standard for this task.

New Zealand Curriculum: Level 2 National Standards: After three years at school
In solving problems and modelling situations, students will:
Geometry and Measurement
  • create and use appropriate units and devices to measure length, area, volume and capacity, weight (mass), turn (angle), temperature, and time (measurement)
  • predict and communicate the results of translations, reflections, and rotations on plane shapes (transformation)
Geometry and Measurement
  • measure the lengths, areas, volumes or capacities, and weights of objects and the duration of events, using linear whole-number scales and applying basic addition facts to standard units
  • represent reflections, translations, and rotations by creating and describing patterns

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PDF of this task and Illustrations of the year 2 and 3 standards (1.35MB)