Ideas for using maps

Being able to read maps is an important skill for everyone and we can support our children in developing this skill.

  • Reading and making maps is part of the geometry and measurement part of the maths programme.
  • You can get free maps at tourist information centres, libraries, and places where there are large numbers of pamphlets on display.
  • If you go somewhere like a museum or a zoo or park there are often maps given out. Save these for later and ask your child to remember the trip by going over the map together.
  • As well you can get large maps of New Zealand and the Pacific or the world from bookstores or department stores (like the Warehouse). You can put these up where your child does their homework, or where everyone can look at them like the lounge or kitchen.



Exploring: Asking
questions about maps
Computers: Games
and Google



Hide and Seek: Playing
with Maps
Drawing Maps: Real and Imaginary Places





 Click for some suggested questions to ask in Māori. (PDF, 61KB)