Fractions as operators

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New Zealand Curriculum: Level 3

Learning Progression Frameworks: Multiplicative thinking, Signpost 6 to Signpost 7

Target students

These activities are intended for students who have some previous experience of equal partitioning, such as finding lines of symmetry in shapes. It is preferable that they are also able to call on and apply their knowledge of addition and multiplication facts.

The following diagnostic questions indicate students’ understanding of, and ability to apply fractions as multipliers operating on other numbers. At this level the multiplicand (second factor) is restricted to whole numbers. The questions are given in order of complexity.  If the student answers a question confidently and with understanding proceed to the next question.  If not, then use the supporting activities to build and strengthen their fluency and understanding. Allow access to pencils and paper. You may also find it beneficial to support students, especially during the introduction of these types of questions, with sets of objects (e.g. counters), area models (e.g. fraction strips), and/or empty number lines. (show diagnostic questions)

Teaching activities