FAQs for families

NZ mathematics in general

       Sometimes teachers talk about levels in maths and sometimes it’s stages. What’s the difference? (show answer)
       I hear about numeracy and I hear about maths. What’s the difference? (show answer)
       A student teacher is taking maths in my child’s class. Are they trained enough to do this? (show answer)
       Does the Ministry of Education control the mathematics that is taught in schools now? (show answer)

Maths homework

       We’ve just changed schools. My child isn’t getting any maths homework now. What should I do? (show answer)
       What’s the purpose of maths homework? (show answer)
       Why are times tables written back to front now?
            I learned them: 2x1, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 and so on.
            Now they’re written 1x2, 2x2, 3x2, 4x2... Why? (show answer)
       I learned about Families of Facts when I was at school. Is it still okay to do these with my child? (show answer)
       We go over the times tables in my child’s notebook each night. Is there something else we should be doing? (show answer)
       My child gets a lot of maths homework which takes ages. What’s the best way to help with this? (show answer)
       Can you suggest some good electronic maths games we can play at home? (show answer)
       I know that playing card and board games can help with maths. Can you give some examples? (show answer)
       Maths seems different these days. Are there any things I shouldn’t do now with my child? (show answer)

Maths in the classroom

       Is there somewhere I can find out the maths content my child should be learning? (show answer)
       My child often says, “We didn’t do maths today.” Is this okay? (show answer)
       I know my child’s group doesn't get a maths lesson each day. Why is this? (show answer)
       I see an abacus with coloured beads in my year 6 child’s class. Why? Are they still counting the beads to work out maths problems? (show answer)
       Do older children learn practical things about money in maths these days, like saving and budgets? (show answer)
       Lately in maths time my child has been making patterns. How does this help them with sums? (show answer)

Talking about maths with my child 

       I often ask, “What did you do in maths today?” What other questions could I be asking? (show answer)
       If my child works out an answer differently from the way I do, what should I say? (show answer)
       Because I’m not good at maths myself, I feel awkward talking about maths with my child. Can you help? (show answer)