Which Way Around


You can help your child to learn to order numbers to 100.

What you need:

  • A pack of cards with the picture cards and tens removed. (Ace =1)
  • Pencil and paper.

What to do:

Draw 7 boxes beside each other. Write 10 in the first box, and 100 in the last box. 5 boxes between.

Place the card in a pile.

Take turns to turn over two cards.

Choose how this number could be written. eg. If a 2 and a 6 were turned over they could be written as 26 or 62.

Each player chooses where to record the number. Write the number in a square. Once written the order cannot be changed.

The next player has a turn.

A number can only be recorded is there is an available space.

The first player to have all the boxes filled with the numbers in the correct ascending order is the winner.

A number line or a tape measure with numbers to 100 can be useful to help children order the numbers.

What to expect your child to do:

Be able to accurately sequence random numbers to 100.


  • Draw 7 boxes on top of each other. Write 100 in the top box, and 10 in the bottom box. Players fill in the 5 boxes between.
  • Draw 7 boxes on top of each other. Write 80 in the top box, and 20 in the bottom box. Players fill in the 5 boxes between.

He Kupu Māori:

card kāri
pile of cards putunga kāri
number tau
two digit number tau mati-rua
in between waenganui

He Whakawhitinga Kōrero:

  • Tuhia kia whitu ngā pouaka, tētahi ki te taha o tētahi. (Draw seven boxes, one beside the other.)
  • Tuhia te 10 ki te pouaka tuatahi, te pouaka kei te taha mauī. (Write the number 10 in the first box, the one on the left.)
  • Tuhia te 100 ki te pouaka whakamutunga, te mea kei te taha matau. (Write the number 100 in the last box, the one on the right.)
  • Whakaputungia ngā kāri ko ngā mata ki raro. (Put the cards in a pile, face down.)
  • Tangohia kia rua ngā kāri. (Take two cards.)
  • Hangaia tētahi tau mati-rua. (Make a two digit number.)
  • He aha tō tau mati-rua? (What is your two digit number?)
  • Tuhia tō tau mati-rua ki tētahi o ngā pouaka. (Write your two digit number in one of the boxes.)
  • E tika ana kia piki haere ngā tau mai i te 10 i te taha mauī ki te 100 i te taha matau. Nō reira, ko tēhea pouaka hei tuhi māu i tō tau? (The numbers have to get bigger, from the 10 on the left hand side to the 100 on the right. So which box are you going to write your number in?
  • Kāore e taea tēnei tau te tuhi ki tētahi o ngā pouaka wātea, kia tika tonu te piki haere o ngā tau mai i te mauī ki te matau. (I can’t write this number in one of the free boxes so that the numbers get bigger from left to right.)
  • Kua oti katoa aku pouaka. Kua tuhia he tau ki aku pouaka katoa. (My boxes are all finished. A number has been written in all of my boxes.)
  • Kōrerohia mai ō tau, mai i te mauī ki te matau, mai i te iti ki te rahi. (Say your numbers from left to right, from the smallest to the biggest.)

Download a file of this activity:

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