Rounding to the nearest 100

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You can help your child to round numbers to the nearest hundred.  

What you need:

  • Pack of playing cards. Use the Ace as a 1. Remove the 10 card, jack, queen and king.  
  • Hundreds cards (PDF, 25KB). You can print these or make your own.

What to do:

Cut out the hundreds cards and place in a pile face down between the players. Turn over one of the hundreds cards.
Deal 3 playing cards to each player.
The first player to arrange their three cards so they round to the hundreds number wins the round.
Ask your child to read their number out loud. Discuss which player, if any, rounds to the hundreds card.
The winner keeps the hundreds cards as a record of the win and takes three new playing cards from the pile. If no one wins the round you keep your playing cards but turn over a new hundreds card. If both players can round to the hundreds card then the player whose number is closest to the hundreds card wins. The game continues until all the hundreds cards have been used. 
The winner is the player who wins the most rounds.

What to expect your child to do:

  • To be able to read the numbers correctly.
  • To be able to round to the nearest hundred by recognizing that numbers 50 and over round up and numbers less than 50 round down. For example, 367 and 425 both round to 400.


  • Deal 3 cards to each player and see who can make the biggest number, smallest number or number closest to 500.
  • Use your home language to play this game.

He Kupu Māori:

kāri rau
hundreds card
kāri tākaro
playing card
hura (ina)
uncover, expose
whakaawhiwhi (a)
round (a number)

He Whakawhitinga Kōrero:

  • Whakaputua ngā kāri rau, ko ngā mata ki raro. (Put the hundreds cards face down in a pile.)
  • Tohaina kia toru ngā kāri tākaro ki ia tangata. (Give out 3 playing cards to each person.)
  • Whakamahia ō kāri e toru, hei hanga i tētahi tau e tino pātata ana ki te tau i te kāri rau. (Use your 3 playing cards to make a number close to the number on the hundreds card.)
  • Hangaia tētahi tau. Mēnā ka whakaawhiwhia te tau ki te rau e pātata ana, koia ko te tau kei te kāri rau? (Make a number. If you round that number to the closest hundred, that will be the number on the hundreds card.)
  • Ko tēhea o ā tāua tau te mea e pātata rawa ki te tau kei te kāri rau? (Which one of our numbers is the closest to the number on the hundreds card?)
  • Kua wini i a koe te kāri rau. Tangohia. (You win the hundreds card. Take it.)
  • Huraina tētahi anō kāri rau. (Turn over another hundreds card.)
  • Tangohia ētahi anō kāri tākaro e toru. (Take another 3 playing cards.)
  • Ko wai o tāua te mea tuatahi ki te hanga i tētahi tau, ko tōna whakaawhiwhinga te tau kei te kāri rau? (Which one of us is the first to make a number which rounds to the number on the hundreds card.)
  • Kei a wai te nuinga rawa o ngā kāri rau? Ko ia te toa. (Who’s got the most hundreds cards? They are the winner.)

Download a file of this activity:

PDF (191KB)