Place Value Thousands


You can help your child read and order 4 digit numbers.

What you need:

  • A pack of cards with the picture cards removed (aces count as one).
  • A sheet of paper for each player with 3 columns headed hundreds, tens, and ones. The columns need to be big enough to place a playing card in each space.
Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones







What to do:

The object of the game is to make the biggest number with 4 cards that have been randomly turned over.

  • The cards are placed in a pile, face down in the middle of the table.
  • Players take turns to pick one card from the top of the pack, turn it over, and place it in either the thousands, hundreds, tens or ones column. Once a card is placed onto the paper its position cannot be changed.
  • Once each player has their four columns filled, players read their numbers and the player with the largest number wins.

 What to expect your child to do:

  • Be able to tell you what each digit within a number represents. For example, in the number 4 572, the 7 tells you how many tens are in the number and the 2 tells you how many ones are in the number.
  • Be able to read 4 digit numbers accurately.
  • Be able to place 4 digit numbers in order, from smallest to largest and vice versa.

He Kupu Māori:

four digit numbers tau mati-whā

He Whakawhitinga Kōrero:

  • Whakatakotoria te pūkei kāri, ko ngā mata ki raro. (Place the cards in a pile, face down.)
  • Kei a koe i te tuatahi. Tangohia te kāri o runga, ka huripoki ai. Whakatakotoria ki te wāhi o ngā mano, o ngā rau, o ngā tekau, o ngā tahi rānei. (You go first. Take the card on top of the pile and turn it over. Place it in the thousands, the hundreds, the tens or the ones place.)
  • Kei a au ināianei. (My turn now.)
  • Kia oti i a tāua ētahi kāri e whā te whakatakoto, tētahi ki ngā mano, tētahi ki ngā rau, tētahi ki ngā tekau, tētahi ki ngā tahi, ka pānui tāua i ā tāua tau. (When we have both placed three cards down, one in the hundreds column, one in the tens, one in the ones, we read our numbers.)
  • Kei a wai te tau nui rawa atu? Kei reira e kare! Ko koe te toa! (Whose got the highest number? You’re the one! You’re the winner!)
  • Pānuihia mai tō tau. (Read me your number.)
  • E tohu ana te whitu i te aha? E tohu ana te whitu i te whitu tekau. (What does the 7 represent? The 7 represents 70.)
Mano Rau Takau Tahi





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