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To help your child to learn the addition number facts to 10.

What you need:

A pack of cards with the picture cards, jokers and tens removed. Ace is used as 1.

What to do:

Deal out 10 cards in a row, face up.

Players take turns to pick up 2 or more cards that add to 10. For example, 3+7, 2+3+5, 2+1+4+3, 3+1+6.

At the end of each player’s turn, the cards they have removed are replaced from the deck.

The game finishes when no further combinations can be found. The winner is the player with the greatest number of cards.

What to expect your child to do:

Be able to instantly recognise combinations of numbers that add to 10.


Once your child is confident with the number facts to 10, choose a different target number. For example, make all cards add to 12 or 15.

He Kupu Māori:

addition facts meka tāpiritanga
face up anga kitea (face seen)
total (resulting from addition) tapeke

He Whakawhitinga Kōrero:

  • Whakarārangihia kia tekau ngā kāri, anga kitea. (Put 10 cards in a row, face up.)
  • Kei a koe i te tuatahi. Tangohia kia rua, nui ake rānei ngā kāri. Ina tāpirihia aua kāri, ko te tekau te tapeke. Pupurihia aua kāri ki tō taha. (Your turn first. Take 2 or more cards. If  you add those cards together the total must be 10. Keep those cards by your side.)
  • E kitea ana koe i ētahi atu kāri ko te tekau te tapeke? Ka mutu pea i konei tēnei kēmu. (Can you see any more cards that total 10? This game finishes here.)
  • Kei a wai ngā kāri maha rawa atu? Koia kei a koe e kare. Ko koe te toa! (Whose got the most cards? Your awesome e kare. You’re the winner!)

Download a file of this activity:

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