Doubles to 10


The purpose of this activity is to help your child to learn the doubles to 10.

Link to the Number Framework:

Place Value, Stage 3

What you need:

  • Socks or shoes. (Items that come in pairs)

What to do:

Put out 5 pairs of socks.

Pick up one pair of socks and ask your child:

  • How many socks are in one pair?

Repeat with the other pairs asking:

  • How many socks are in two pairs? three pairs? four pairs? five pairs?
  • Ask your child how many shoes would be in 3 pairs?

Explain to your child pairs are the same as doubles.

  • Ask them what is double one? Two? Three? Four? Five?

What to expect your child to do:

  • Initially your child may need to count the items. They should progress to instantly recalling the doubles for 1 – 5.


Look for opportunities for children to practice recalling the doubles of numbers 1 – 5. For example, three people have two biscuits each how many biscuits is that, how many shoes are at the door.

He Kupu Māori:

sock/s tōkena
double rearua (-tia)
pair of socks takirua tōkena

Download a file of this activity:

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Download a file of this activity including questions to ask in Māori:

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Download a Pasifika version of this activity:

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