Before and After 0-10


The purpose of this activity is to help your child to practice the numbers one before and after the numbers in the range 0-10.

Link to the Number Framework:

Number Sequence, Stage 0

What you need:

Pack of cards. Ace = 1, remove the other picture cards

What to do:

Shuffle the cards and deal 5 cards to each player. Place the other cards in a pile face down, and turn the top card over beside the pile.
Players take turns to put a card to the left or the right of the turned over card to start a counting sequence. For example, if the turned over card is a 6, then the first player may place a 5 to the left of the 6 or a 7 to the right of it. If the first player places a 5, the next player can now place a 4 or 7 to continue the sequence or place a 5 on top of the 5 the previous player played. Players who cannot make a move miss a turn. The winner is the person with the least cards left when the sequence can go no further.

What to expect your child to do:

To correctly order the numbers 0- 10.


Use the cards as flash cards. Hold up a card and ask your child what is the number before it and after it.

Related Māori vocab:

toha (~ina)
deal, distribute
kāri tau
number card
tatau whakamua
count forward
tatau whakamuri
count backward
putunga kāri
pile of cards

Download a file of this activity:

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Download a file of this activity including questions to ask in Māori:

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