Before and After 0-10

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The purpose of this activity is to help your child to practice the numbers one before and after the numbers in the range 0-10.

What you need:

Pack of cards. Ace = 1, remove the other picture cards

What to do:

Shuffle the cards and deal 5 cards to each player. Place the other cards in a pile face down, and turn the top card over beside the pile.
Players take turns to put a card to the left or the right of the turned over card to start a counting sequence. For example, if the turned over card is a 6, then the first player may place a 5 to the left of the 6 or a 7 to the right of it. If the first player places a 5, the next player can now place a 4 or 7 to continue the sequence or place a 5 on top of the 5 the previous player played. Players who cannot make a move miss a turn. The winner is the person with the least cards left when the sequence can go no further.

What to expect your child to do:

To correctly order the numbers 0- 10.


Use the cards as flash cards. Hold up a card and ask your child what is the number before it and after it.

He Kupu Māori:

toha (~ina)
deal, distribute
kāri tau
number card
tatau whakamua
count forward
tatau whakamuri
count backward
putunga kāri
pile of cards

He Whakawhitinga Kōrero:

  • Riwhiriwhia ngā kāri. (Shuffle the cards.)
  • Tohaina kia rima ngā kāri ki tēnā ki tēnā o tātou. (Deal 5 cards to each of us.)
  • Whakaputua ngā kāri e toe ana, ko ngā mata ki raro. (Pile the other cards, face down.)
  • Huripokina te kāri o runga, ka whakatakoto ai ki te taha o te putunga kāri. (Turn over the top card and put it beside the pile.)
  • Kei a koe te kāri tau hei tatau whakamua, whakamuri rānei i tēnā tau? (Have you got the number card for counting forward or backward from that number?)
  • Whakatakotoria ki te taha mauī mō te tatau whakamuri. Whakatakotoria ki te taha matau mō te tatau whakamua. (Put it to the left for counting backwards, put it to the right for counting forward.)
  • Mēnā kei a koe tētahi o ngā tau e takoto kē ana, he pai tonu te whakatakoto i tāu ki runga i tērā. (If you have one of the numbers that is already down, it’s okay to put yours on top.)
  • Ki te kore i a koe tētahi kāri hei whakatakoto, ka huri mai ki ahau. (If you don’t have a card to put down then it comes back to my turn.

Download a file of this activity:

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