ALiM theme stories

In their synthesis of research evidence produced for the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis (BES) Programme, Glenda Anthony and Margaret Walshaw identify and discuss ten principles which underpin best practice in mathematics. These are not intended to be ‘stand alone’ principles, but rather should complement and enhance each other. They should also be understood within the context of the classroom, the school and the local community. These principles inform the Themes in ALiM, and are linked to examples from schools' involvement in ALiM.

Theme 1: An Ethic of care
Theme 2: Arranging the learning
Theme 2b: Home school partnerships (Arranging the learning)
Theme 3: Building on students’ thinking
Theme 4: Worthwhile mathematical tasks
Theme 5: Making connections
Theme 6: Assessment for learning
Theme 7: Mathematical communication
Theme 8: Mathematical language
Theme 9: Tools and representations
Theme 10: Teacher knowledge