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Leisure Survey

Using leisure activity data, students explore the complete survey process including the selection of appropriate questions to gather data as well as the analysis and display of data.

Teacher notes

  • Students select a question that will provide appropriate data for a given topic. Responses for 500 interviews are then generated and displayed in a dynamic, sortable table. Students manipulate the table to find the correct answers to some interpretive questions.
  • Students select an appropriate display format to represent the data: histogram, bar chart or pie chart then answer interpretive questions based on the graph.
  • Includes a printable worksheet for students to complete an article based on the survey results.

Learning objects

leisure survey pictures.

Leisure survey: team sport
Students deal with continuous data and graph this in histogram format.

leisure survey pictures.

Leisure survey: popular sports
Students deal with data which is not mutually exclusive and graph this in bar graph form.

leisure survey pictures.

Leisure survey: artistic activities
Students deal with data on a single dimension where responses are mutually exclusive, and graph this in pie graph form.

leisure survey pictures.

Leisure survey
This is an aggregated learning unit combining the three other learning objects.