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PLD 360

PLD 360 helps you find content to meet your professional learning needs, including content knowledge, teaching knowledge, and ways to improve the mathematics culture of your school and classroom.

Stand up Maths

Matt Parker's YouTube channel (Stand up maths) contains a collection of videos relating to a range of maths ideas.

What If Teachers Took Computation Out of Math Class?

This article on the MindShift site discusses and links to Conrad Wolfram's TED Talk in which he argues that too much of the focus in maths education is cu

VLN Primary School

The Virtual Learning Network Primary School (VLNP) is a collaborative community of schools throughout New Zealand working together to provide improved educational opportunities for students through online learning.

NZ Teachers (Primary) Facebook group

The NZ Teachers (Primary) Facebook group has been set up to allow New Zealand Primary teachers to share ideas and to give support and advice to others.

Figure This: Math Challenges for Families

Figure This: Math Challenges for Families is a website developed by a team including the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Level 3 problem February 2015

Level 3 String Problem

Pale has a piece of string 24 centimetres long. He ties the ends together and then lays it out so that it makes a rectangle. He notices that the length of the long sides is twice the length of the short sides.

How long are the sides of the rectangle?

Level 2 problem February 2015

Level 2 String Problem

Chris has a 20cm long piece of string. He wants to cut it into two pieces that are different lengths. 

If each piece needs to be an exact number of centimetres in legth, how many different ways can he cut the string?

Level 1 problem February 2015

Level 1 String Problem

A 30cm long piece of string is cut into two pieces. One piece is twice as long as the other.

How long is the longer piece?

Positive aspects of the introduction

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