Clap, Pat, Click


This activity is to encourage students to skip count to help them find the answer to problems involving equal groups.  It is designed to help students make the link between ‘whisper’ counting with body percussion and solving multiplication facts.

Achievement Objectives
NA1-1: Use a range of counting, grouping, and equal-sharing strategies with whole numbers and fractions.
Specific Learning Outcomes

skip count to solve problems involving equal groups

Required Resource Materials

Linked Cubes

  1. As a whole class practice skip counting using body percussion i.e. counting in 3’s may go pat your knees, clap your hands then click your fingers.  Students whisper as they count, only the number said on the ‘click’ is said out loud.
  2. Students are put into small groups 5-8 in each.
  3. Each group has a supply of multilink cubes.
  4. Each student makes a group of 3 cubes and puts them in front of them.  A starting person is chosen and they ‘whisper’ count their group.  “one, two, THREE”  The next student continues the count “four, five, SIX” and this continues until the whole group have counted.
  5. The group joins up their sets of cubes and states how many groups of three and how many altogether.

    7 groups of three is 21”

  6. Students could be encouraged to place the cubes next to one another to form an array – if they are ready for this next step.
  7. Repeat the process with other numbers e.g 4

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