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Student Activity: 

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Achievement Objectives:

Achievement Objective: NA2-3: Know the basic addition and subtraction facts.
AO elaboration and other teaching resources


This is a level 2 number activity from the Figure It Out series. It relates to Stage 5 of the Number Framework.
A PDF of the student activity is included.

Specific Learning Outcomes: 

know addition facts

Required Resource Materials: 
FIO, Levels 3-4, Basic Facts, Bunches, page 1
two diced marked 4,5,6,7,8, and 9

This game asks students to practise mental addition of two or more one-digit numbers. Repeated practice using games such as this will help to improve their ability to compute mentally and give them practice with digits that add up to sums from 8 to 18.
To introduce the students to the game, you could ask them what different ways they can make up a total of 11, for example, using three or more addends.
Players will be able to check their classmate’s totals more easily if they use transparent counters. During the game, you could ask the students to give other possible addends to make up the thrown sum or to justify the use of a particular combination.
At the conclusion of the games, the students could consider which strategies help cover the most numbers. For example, does it help to cover the high numbers first?
As a variation, the winner could be the player with the lowest sum found by adding the uncovered digits.
You could extend the game by using multiples of 10 on the dice and game board. Another way is to enlarge the size of the triangle game board by extending the rows but keeping a similar variation of numbers as the original pattern.

Answers to Activity

A game of addition

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