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To solve maths problems at year 6 it is very important for your child to be able to instantly recall addition and subtraction facts up to 20, and multiplication and division facts up to 10 x 10.

e-ako maths provides free online basic fact learning tools which will help your child learn their basic facts, as well as a collection of games to improve their speed and accuracy. If you think this would benefit your child, click to read how to access this resource (show instructions).

Click to read about the purpose of the tasks below (show purpose).

We suggest that you ask your child what they are learning in maths at school, and select a task from this menu.

Click for versions with Māori content.


Big number research (PDF, 326KB) Understand and use large numbers.
Weekend sports results (PDF, 291KB)Understand the relative size of fractions and recognise equivalent fractions.
Parts and leftovers (PDF, 583KB)Solve poblems involving operating with fractions.
What do they know? (PDF, 336KB)Understand a variety of strategies for solving number problems.
Missing numbers (PDF, x322KB)Use basic facts to solve number problems.
Fun with fractions (PDF, 363KB)Use fraction circles to find equivalent fractions.
Friendly fractions (PDF, 313KB)Use a calculator to convert fractions to decimals.
Building an eco house - a game (PDF, 1.3MB)Practise adding and subtracting whole numbers to 100 in a game context.
Create 5.5 (PDF, 348KB)Practise adding decimal numbers.


Pattern problem (PDF, 344KB) Interpret a pattern and write a rule for any element of the pattern.
Letter puzzles (PDF, 326KB)Solve algebraic equations - with diagrams.


Nets (PDF, 336KB) Design nets for a variety of containers.
It's a matter of perspective (PDF, 1.1MB) Draw two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects.


Flights of fancy (PDF, 309KB) Make measurements to carry out a practical experiment.
Hot spots (PDF, 1.2B)Read temperatures in degrees Celcius.
Solve it or sink it (PDF, 432KB)Learn more about weight and area.
An absorbing challenge (PDF, 384KB)Estimate and make sensible calculations of area.
Going the distance (PDF, 373KB)Use a scale map to measure distances.


Checking chances (PDF, 618KB) Design experiments to explore games of chance.
Open or closed (PDF, 1.3MB) Design a survey to carry out at home.

Financial literacy

Bargain hunters (PDF, 1.5MB) Calculate the best value deals at the supermarket.