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To solve maths problems at year 4 it is very important for your child to be able to instantly recall addition and subtraction facts up to 20, and multiplication and division facts for their 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables to solve problems.

e-ako maths provides free online basic fact learning tools which will help your child learn their basic facts, as well as a collection of games to improve their speed and accuracy. If you think this would benefit your child, click to read how to access this resource (show instructions).

Click to read about the purpose of the tasks below (show purpose).

We suggest that you ask your child what they are learning in maths at school, and select a task from this menu.

Click for versions with Māori content.


Problems to solve (PDF, 559KB) Talk about the different ways you solve problems.
Double it (PDF, 347KB)Use doubles to solve addition problems.
Fractions of a whole (PDF, 404KB)Work out the whole when you know the size of a part.
Bowl a fact (PDF, 445KB)Quickly recall and use your basic facts.
What's the target number? (PDF, 352KB)Quickly recall and use your basic facts.
Create 5000 (PDF, 350KB)Practise adding numbers up to 5000.


What's the pattern? (PDF, 385KB) Describe and continue number patterns.
Relationships (PDF, 322KB)Use simple basic facts to explore relationships between numbers.


Shapes in life (PDF, 440KB) Name and describe the features of everyday shapes.
Roll over (PDF, 323KB) Make the net for a cube.


Book cover rules (PDF, 450KB) Measure lengths and use them to calculate area.
How heavy is that? (PDF, 306KB)Accurately read and use kitchen scales.


Did you know? (PDF, 326KB) Plan and carry out an investigation.
What's the probability? (PDF, 305KB)Understand and describe the probability of events.
In between (PDF, 1.1MB)Understand and describe the probability of events.