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We suggest that you ask your child what kinds of things they have been doing in maths at school, and select a task from this menu.

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Spot the numeral (PDF, 317KB)   Go on a hunt looking for numbers in and around your home.
Spot the number (PDF, 300KB)  Go on a hunt looking for larger numbers in and around your home.  
Family maths (PDF, 531KB)  Make up and record number stories.
Fair shares (PDF, 778KB)  Understand how to share things equally.
Guess what I can see (PDF, 188KB)  I spy, using numbers of objects.
Cutting cakes (PDF, 610KB)  Find ways to cut a 'cake' into halves and quarters.


Bead patterns (PDF, 582KB)  Make and talk about patterns of beads.
Drawing and thinking (PDF, 1MB)  Show how you can record the ways you solve problems.


Hide and seek (PDF, 1MB)  Practise using words to describe position and movement.
Roll or not roll? (PDF, 869KB)  Think about why some things roll.


Time patterns (PDF, 435KB)  Place the events in a day (and a week) in order.
How long is long? (PDF, 619KB)  Practise estimating and comparing lengths.
Which holds most?  (PDF, 731KB)  Compare the capacity of containers.
Human scales  (PDF, 849KB)  Compare the weights of objects.


What's in the cupboard? (PDF, 1.1MB)  Sort objects into groups and compare the groups.