Transformation: Level 6

The key idea of transformation at level 6 is that there is more than one way to achieve the result of a given transformation.

Underlying the two achievement objectives in this thread, there are some more restricted ideas. These are that more than one transformation may be applied to an object and that it may be possible to discover what transformation has been applied.  This latter, ‘inverse’, idea is applicable to a number of mathematical operations in a number of areas of mathematics. This is particularly important where there is a need to ‘undo’ the operation. For example, in solving 2x = 6, we can usefully apply ½ to each side because ½ is the inverse of 2.  This has links to the key idea of number strategies and knowledge at Level 6.

This key idea develops from the key idea of transformation at level 5, where the emphasis is on identifying and calculating changes to an object under transformation.