Technical Help

How to view Flash (moving) elements

You need Flash Player to view moving elements on this site. You can download this from the Adobe website:

You also need javascript turned on to view Flash elements. If you have Flash Player installed and still cannot see a moving element, javascript may be turned off. You can turn on javascript by following the instructions below.

If you’re viewing a large Flash element using a slow (dial-up) connection, you may wish to turn javascript off. To turn javascript off, follow the steps below, but make sure that the checkbox for 'Disable' is checked (rather than the checkbox for 'Enable').

Turning javascript on or off

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5/6/7:

  1. Select Tools > Internet Options from the browser menu. (If you're using I7, you can access Tools using the icon at the top right of your screen.)
  2. Select the Security tab, then click the button marked Custom Level.
  3. Scroll down about three quarters of the way until you find the Scripting heading.
  4. The first subheading is Active Scripting.
  5. Ensure that the checkbox marked Enable is checked.
  6. Click buttons to make and confirm the change.

Firefox 1/2:

  1. Select Tools > Options from the browser menu.
  2. If you have Firefox 1, click on Web Features. If you have Firefox 2, click on Content.
  3. Locate the checkbox labeled Enable JavaScript and ensure that it is checked.
  4. Click OK.

How to install Adobe Reader

You can use Adobe Reader to read PDF files.

How to install Quicktime

You can use Quicktime to watch videos on a PC or Mac.


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