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Supporting the On-going Professional Learning of Teachers in Numeracy

The shift in belief and practice for each teacher is both challenging and long term. As teachers develop their knowledge and skills they will move through different stages. Firstly they will focus on the organization of the mathematics programme, secondly they will look at the subject material itself, thirdly the student will be the focus and lastly the students learning will be considered in detail. More details about each of these stages can be found in the stages of development descriptions (PDF, 87KB).

Prior to participating in the Numeracy Project you may like to:

  • encourage staff to explore the numeracy material on the nzmaths website
  • purchase resources
  • hold a meeting for teachers to share their current numeracy practices and understandings about the way students learn number.

During the first year in the Numeracy Project teachers will be challenged.

If your teachers are feeling angry, frustrated, uncomfortable, accepting, excited or satisfied this table (PDF, 55KB) will provide suggestions of ways you can support them.

Further information can be found in the Ongoing Professional Development part of the Lead Teacher section of this site.

During subsequent years in the Numeracy Project teachers will continue to develop their skills and understandings. If they are feeling uncertain, dissatisfied, assured or confident this table (PDF, 65KB) will provide suggestions of ways you can support them.

Models for Professional Development

The following links may be useful as background information as the Numeracy Project is implemented in your school.