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Summary of Reference


Anghileri, Julia

Contrasting approaches that challenge tradition

Bibliographic data:
In J. Anghileri (Ed.)(2001) Principles and practices in arithmetic teaching (pp.4-14).  Buckingham: Open University Press.

This chapter contrasts traditional teaching of mathematics with approaches to teaching used in the Netherlands. It is relevant to the New Zealand setting, as the traditional approaches to which Anghileri refers are typical of those that have been used in New Zealand classrooms until recently. Changes to primary practice currently being promoted through the New Zealand numeracy projects incorporate many of the points highlighted in this chapter. The chapter touches on aspects of practice examined in a growing body of literature that investigates the teaching and learning of number and related concepts. In particular it highlights the importance of counting as the basis of strategy development in calculation. It also highlights place value as an organising principle in promoting children’s understanding of number. Alongside this discussion Anghileri contrasts traditional classroom practice with that in the Netherlands in terms of the place of written algorithms, the role of textbooks and the use of equipment including the calculator. Other chapters in this volume focus on these in greater detail.