WiFi units


The purpose of this activity is to engage students in using strategies for sharing and for rates to solve a measurement problem in context.

Achievement Objectives
NA3-1: Use a range of additive and simple multiplicative strategies with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages.
NA3-2: Know basic multiplication and division facts.
NA3-6: Record and interpret additive and simple multiplicative strategies, using words, diagrams, and symbols, with an understanding of equality.
Description of Mathematics

The background knowledge and skills that should be established before and/or during this activity are outlined in the diagram below:

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This activity may be carried out with step by step guidance, or by allowing the student to follow their own method of solution. The approach should be chosen in sympathy with students' skills and depth of understanding.


A school is setting up a WiFi system for a block of three classes.

The units they are installing are advertised as allowing four people to each use two devices at once.

Each of the three classes have 23 students and a teacher.

If everyone is limited to just using one device at a time, how many units are needed to service the three classes?


The arithmetic approach  (show more)

  • The student is able to calculate using a rate to solve a sharing problem.

The conceptual approach  (show more)

  • The student is able to use imaging to solve a sharing problem.
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Level Three