Rosetta's Room


This is a level 3 geometry activity from the Figure It Out theme series.

Achievement Objectives
GM3-5: Use a co-ordinate system or the language of direction and distance to specify locations and describe paths.
Student Activity


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Specific Learning Outcomes

use co-ordinates to describe locations on a grid

Required Resource Materials

FIO, Level 3, Theme: Time Travel, Rosetta's Room, page 16

A classmate


This activity introduces the students to the level 4 objective of ordering pairs. Discuss with the students the importance of the way the co-ordinates are ordered. The first number in a pair of co-ordinates (x) indicates the distance along the x axis from the origin (0,0), and the second number (y) indicates the distance up the y axis from the point (x,0). This gives the co-ordinate (x,y). If the students aren’t familiar with these concepts, you could talk through the co-ordinates of the solar heater with them. The students may have played games like Battleships, which use ordered pairs.
(See also Under the Sea, Figure It Out, Levels 2–3, pages 6–7.)
As an extension, the students could imagine that they are robots. On grid paper, they could design their own room, put objects in it, and give their plan to a classmate to work out the grid co-ordinates for the different objects.

Answers to Activity

a. (4,4)
b. (7,4)
c. (8,7)
d. (1,7)
e. (0,9)
f. (7,2)

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