Multiply It!


In this activity we solve number sentences involving the multiplication of several single digit numbers. Students are encouraged to combine the numbers in an order that makes it easier to perform the calculation mentally.

Achievement Objectives
NA3-2: Know basic multiplication and division facts.
Specific Learning Outcomes

solve a number sentence involving the multiplication of 5 single digit numbers

Required Resource Materials
Blackboard or whiteboard
  1. Write a number sentence on the board that involves the multiplication of 5 single digit numbers. For example 3 x 2 x 2 x 5 x 4 =
  2. Ask the students how they could work this number sentence out. Encourage them to combine the factors in a way that makes it easier to multiply mentally. (Ensure they know numbers can be multiplied in any order without affecting the outcome).
  3. multiplication equation.

  4. Record students’ answers and discuss.
  5. Repeat the discussion for another number sentence.

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