Array game


This game allows students to practise their multiplication skills, and reinforces the ‘array’ concept of multiplication.

Achievement Objectives
NA3-2: Know basic multiplication and division facts.
Specific Learning Outcomes

perform multiplication calculations using numbers 1-6

Required Resource Materials

Grid for recording

2 dice

  1. Students play in pairs, each with their own grid.
  2. Each player rolls the dice and colours in an area on the grid indicated by the dice.  For example if they roll a 2 and a three they colour in any 2x3 rectangle.
  3. The students should write the number of squares in the rectangle to indicate the product of the two sides.
  4. The first player to colour in all the squares in their grid wins.
  5. As the grids fill up players will roll totals that will not fit on the grid, you can allow them to break up the factors if you choose.  For example a student might identify that 6x4 is the same as 2x4 and 4x4.  This implicitly reinforces the distributive law of multiplication.

The size of the grid will determine the length of the game.  Players could draw the grid in their maths book, or use pre-drawn and photocopied grids provided by the teacher.

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Level Three