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Principal Support

The New Zealand Number Framework

Brief outline of the NZ Number Framework.

The NDP Teaching Model

A description of the Teaching Model used in the Numeracy Development Projects.

Guidelines for the use and reporting of student achievement data

An explanation of the numeracy data base and links on using and reporting data to effect change, and using expectations.

Suggestions for Numeracy communication to parents and the community

A PowerPoint presentation to communicate the changes in maths for a parent information meeting, and some practical suggestions and handouts to use in communication with parents.

Suggestions for supporting the on-going professional learning of teachers in numeracy

Some practical suggestions on how to support teachers during their professional development in numeracy.

Home School Partnership: Numeracy Handbook

A guide for schools and communities to plan ways to work together to support children's numeracy achievement.

Supporting Numeracy Lead Teachers

Ways to develop the professional numeracy capability of lead teachers.

Access to Numeracy Networks

A list of places to access further information and support.

Fostering a Professional Learning Community

A professional learning community in a school is essential in order for the numeracy project to be sustained in that school and for any future professional development initiatives.